melinda from Brave Ministry and maria thyda rath director of new day new life offering food to em sok 78 years old blind man

Brave Ministry – Mission trip to Kampong Chhnang Province

The villagers in a rural village of Kampong Chhnang province have no access to clean drinking water or electricity.

We were so blessed that Brave Ministry was able to give out five water filters (sponsored by their partners @ The Good Exchange) and to help us with the distribution of daily necessities to the poorest elderly during our recent visit to the village.

Brave Ministry got to visit a total of six families/ individuals, to pray with them and to show love and encourage them.

This village has many elderly and children.

The kids don’t go to school as they have to catch fish, crabs or snails to ease their hunger pangs and to try to provide for their elderly grandparents.

Most parents have abandoned their children, seeking job opportunities elsewhere.

Sadly, most of the children have never met their parents.

Brave Stories

Story 1: Grandma Hang Roeung receives a water filter

brave ministry provides hang roeung with a water filter

Grandma Hang Roeung used to live under a tree.

Through the generous gifts of time, money and resources of the volunteers, staff and donors at New Day New Life, they have been able to provide this lady with a new home and a new start in her life.

When she was first interviewed, she said that the villagers and children used to call her a dirty monkey because she lived under a tree.

After she moved into a house that was built at the New Day New Life Community Center and after she had received some nutrition and medical help, she praised God that now she was no longer a monkey but a blessed lady in a new house.

Brave Ministry recently added to her blessings by providing her with a ceramic water filter together with some daily necessities and vitamins when they visited her during a recent trip with New Day New Life.

Story 2: Blind but independent Grandpa Em Sok is given hope and love

Em Sok is 76 years old and living alone. He suffered an eye infection during the Khmer Rouge Regime that left him blind and necessitated that his eyes were removed.

He has no family and has been living independently.

He goes about doing daily activities such as cooking and drawing water himself.

When New Day New Life and Brave Ministry visited him, to provide him with some daily necessities, he shared with us that some people came to chop down his mango trees and all they left him were a few planks of wood for his coffin when he passes on.

We prayed for him and shared with him the love of our loving Saviour.

He said that we gave him hope to keep going.

We cannot change history but with love, we can change the future.

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