Help us to Reach the Poorest Elderly


100% of your donation goes into helping the poorest elderly and vulnerable children in their care. 

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Fully registered and licensed local NGO in the Kingdom of Cambodia

We are a fully registered and licensed NGO in Cambodia but we cannot issue tax receipts for other countries. 

However, if you would like us to issue an invoice receipt for your gift, please send us an email. 

To make a donation, please send an email to donations @ and we will send you our banking information in Cambodia.

Bayon Temple in Angkor Wat Siem Reap Cambodia
A close up of one of the faces in the Bayon Temple at Angkor Wat in Siem Reap

What are our Challenges?

How do you use my Donation?

How can I support New Day New Life?


Can you help us feed one of the poorest elderly?

US$40 per month

Your donation will provide food for one month for one of the poorest elderly in the Kampong Chhnang New Day New Life project.
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City Visit

Can you help us bring the poorest elderly from their village to visit Phnom Penh?
An experience they have never had and may never have again.


Your donation will allow us to bring 15 of the poorest elderly for 4 day visit to Phnom Penh. They will get a health check, visit the city's cultural sites and have accommodation & meals.
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Help the Children

Can you provide school materials and toys for the grandchildren of the poorest elderly and village children at the NDNL Community Centre?

US$50 to $500

Your donation will allow us to get teaching materials for the children, some basic toys, keep the playground in good care, vitamins and occasional meals and treats for the children.
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Medical Care

Can you provide vitamins or basic medicines or help pay for medical treatment for some the poorest elderly in our project?

US$200 to $1000

Your donation will allow us to provide vitamins, asprin, paracetamol, food supplements, emergency dental treatment and other emergency medical treatment for the poorest elderly.
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