sean bolen is staff of made it in cambodia and helps as volunteer with new day new life

Meet Ms Sean Bolen – Volunteer and Staff at New Day New Life and Made it in Cambodia

My name is Sean Bolen, I’m 22 years old. I was born in Kampong Cham Province, Cambodia but I live now in Phnom Penh.

In the evenings and on the weekend I study at Vanda Institute learn Accounting.

I work at New Day New Life and for Made it in Cambodia as doing Administration and Accounting and have worked here five months (since January 2018).

New Day New Life helps older people who are very poor and who don’t have home and don’t have children who can take care of them.

Once a month we have an activity with New Day New Life to go to Kampong Chhnang Province.  When we go we buy food and bring utensils so the older people can use them to eat the food we give them.

Visiting the NDNL Project

I went to the project two times.

Before I went to the project I did not know what to expect but after I went I see everything different now.  I met an old man with blind eyes [Mr Em Sok] and another man with a crippled hand [Keo Thol] and they don’t have children or family that live with them to take care of them.  Every day they live alone sometimes have neighbors give food for them to eat but some times they don’t have anything to eat.

When I go to the project I help with taking photos and also offering food to the poorest elderly that are looked after by New Day New Life.

When I go to the project I learned a lot from them and it has shown me and helped me know about life. When I visited them I had a sad feeling and I had so much pity for them.

I hope one day there will be others who can also help them the same way we do at New Day New Life.

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