Our Challenges


Our Challenges

lady smiling and saying thank you for supporting and helping her

We don’t have enough consistent donations / funds to support this project.  Sometimes we only have enough funds to support ten of the poorest elderly and so there are some months when there are many poorest elderly in the villages we serve that don’t receive any help.  In our research list we identified at least 40 poorest elderly, but because of funding problems we are restricted to only being able help about 10 to 15 people.

Staff Salaries

We don’t have enough money to pay a fair salary for our staff at the project. Ath Tun works so hard and he is very humble in all he does for the project. He loves our mission and he loves to help the poorest elderly. We want to treat him better and pay him equitably for all the work he does to help, but we don’t have enough funds.


We don’t have a car or van to bring the food & supplies to the project areas or bring the elderly to the hospital in the city when they get sick. Every month we need to hire a van or a car so we can travel to the project.  This cost from $80 to $100 for one day which means there are 3-4 less people we can feed that month.

Medical Staff

Ideally, it would be a great help if we could have a doctor or field nurse who can go to the project with us every month to do health checks and to give medicine to the poorest elderly at the same time we are visiting and seeing them when we distribute foods to the elderly.

other challenges

Community Project

Funding Shortages

This project requires a lot of capital expenditures.

Our goal is to build at least three more homes, and to expand the meeting hall at the New Day New Life Community Center property.

We must do some land clearing and fencing around the property - especially around the gardens to stop chickens and other small animals from damaging the gardens.

We have also identified that the elderly would benefit greatly if they could have water filters and solar lights. These will need to be purchased or a donor found who can provide these for the elderly in the project.

Volunteers & Project Management

We need Project Manager who handle this project and someone who can help us build awareness in the donor community and to raise funds that are required.
We need long time committed volunteers who have skills and experience in developing sustainable community programs for the elderly and children in the villages we serve.
We need volunteers who can do regular bible teaching and share Good News with the elderly and the children in the villages.

It would be good to have Khmer volunteer staff who have experience in developing sustainable gardens / agriculture who can train the elderly in these skills so they can raise crops for themselves and also to sell so they have some income to support themselves.

making a vegetable garden at the new day new life community center


other challenges

Early Prevention Project

Funding Shortages

This project requires regular monthly funding to be sustainable so we can provide consistent on-going training and support to the children and elderly.

The funding will be used to pay salaries for Khmer staff who will be doing the teaching and for a second person who will be a Social Worker.

Funds and/or donations are needed for training materials such as pencils, coloring pencils/books, pens, papers, chalk board, chalk, markers, craft materials, bibles, etc.


We need long time committed Khmer staff who have skills and experience in teaching the children and elderly. Many of the children in the village don't attend school so it would be ideal to have an experienced teacher who can provide some basic literacy training for the children in the village.

Volunteers are also needed who can supply the materials and build a play area for the children.

It would be very beneficial to have a Khmer Social Worker on staff who can provide proper follow-up and reporting with the elderly and children and provide social skills needed to understand and help the elderly and children in the project.

making a vegetable garden at the new day new life community center


Thank you for donating to New Day New Life

Your generous donation of just $40 will provide food and essentials for one of the poorest elderly that are in the care of New Day New Life