Our Key Projects

New Day New Life Projects

Feeding Project

Distribute basic foods for poorest elderly in the countryside.

Distribute Food

Every month we visit the poorest elderly by bringing them some food supplies such as rice, bread, eggs, dried fish, smoked fish, marinated fish, pork meat, sardines, instant noodles, Vegetables and other food ingredients like salt, sugar, pepper, soy sauce, fish sauce, etc..

Sharing a meal together

Sometimes, when we visit to the project, besides distributing basic food supplies we also prepare fresh and delicious food or special soup to provide more nutrition for them and we serve this to the elderly when we visit them. They often eat so much that we never have enough soup to feed them as our budget is limited.

We do this for them to have something to eat right away when we arrive at the NDNL Community Center or at their home.  We do this because we have found that they are usually very hungry and cannot wait to cook what we give them.  We believe that feeding them in this manner, is a way of showing love and care to them – we want each of the elderly to feel like they have their own kids visit them every month and feeding them.

We also having a good time-sharing this meal with them and spending time to hear their stories and news, about their health and their living and their concerns. We encourage them by praying for them, confirmed that Jesus loves them so much even they are too old, too poor, too sick. We try to show them how to open their heart for Jesus and start to have personal relationship with the Lord.


Distribute Other Basic Essentials

When we have sufficient funds, or someone has given us a special donation then we are able to provide such items as clothes, shoes, simple medicines (for headaches and vitamins), kitchen utensils and some materials they may need to fix their cottages.

Weekly Visits

One of our staff, who lives in the same area as our project, tries to visit each of the elderly of the project at least once a month.

  During these visits he will check to see if they have any special health or nutrition needs and to also spend time in fellowship with them.

New Day New Life Projects

Community Project

Building houses, build a community and strengthening their relationships and standing of the poorest elderly in the community.

Building a Sense of Community

We like to create a sense of community for poorest elderly so everyone can have a house to stay, place to grow vegetables, a well to use the water, daily activities, and friends who live as neighbors. Why is this important? So they can feel valued as human being, to help to restore and uphold their dignity, and to bring them hope for life so the villagers and the society doesn't look down on them. Even though they are old and poor, they deserve to be respected and valued as a human being and especially to know the most important thing is that God loves them and that they are not the left-over stuff or outcasts of society.

Surviving Day-to-day

Those we care for must survive every day by asking villagers and neighbors for food or they go to the pagoda asking for food from the monks. They go from one house to another in the  village just to do some little work and in exchange they expect to have something to eat or a place to stay for one night and the next day they do this again.  They live life like that day-to-day. They have nobody to help them. We don’t know how to accurately descript these type of elderly people but for the children who have similar life like this they are called "Street Children".


Creating a Community

To address these problems, so the poorest elderly don't have to fight for their daily survival, we have started to create a basic community centre which we call the New Day New Life Community Center.

We have built two very simple houses and we have built a small community centre for the elderly and especially for those who are the very poorest.

When we get sufficient funds we want to build more homes so we can accommodate more of the poorest elderly and also create more community facilities for the elderly and for the children in the village where we are based.

New Day New Life Projects

Early Prevention Project

Education and support to help prevent human trafficking of the the orphan grandchildren of the poorest elderly people in the countryside.

The Problem

We recognized that many poorest elderly are burdened with caring for their orphan grandchildren because their parents have abandoned them or their parents have passed away. These children are very vulnerable to exploitation, sickness, lack of education and lack of confidence.

In Cambodia, most of the children being trafficked are coming from very poor families similar to the situation of the grandchildren of our poorest elderly people.

Because of lack of education and understanding, the poorest parent or poorest grandparent send their vulnerable children to work in the city because they are cheated by traffickers who trick the parents and grandparents into believing the child will be educated and be able to have a good life.

Our Response

What New Day New Life wants to do with these orphan grandchildren of the poorest elderly is to prevent them from the risk of being victims of trafficking in the beginning while they are so pure, precious and valued rather than just healing the ones who have been trafficked.

New Day New Life wants to give them the opportunity to grow up safely and with the knowledge of how to value themselves and to have hope while they are so pure, and potential specially lead them to know Christ in their early age and have Christ-centered life values.

Early Prevention

Activities Where We Need Help

* Help them to stay with their grandmother or grandfather.
* Teaching them Khmer and English language.
* Build playground for children to play instead of them playing in the mud and the rain.
* Provide them school materials, school uniforms, toys, children drawing books, pencils, coloring books and pencils, writing books, home clothes.
* Give them entertainment program so they can be young happy kids.
* Candies or snacks while they have break time from class
Teaching them hygiene lessons and help them to enjoy life as young kids.
* Teaching them about children's rights, "Good Touch Bad Touch" lessons, prevention of trafficking lessons.
* Train them how to inform teachers, elders, or police if they get raped or assaulted.
* How to identify who can be the bad / good person.
* Train them who they can contact and talk to when they have problems.
* New Day New Life staff, volunteers act as sister, brother, mother to the kids whenever they have a need - especially when they have problems
* Connect wit.h other children NGOs to support them to study higher classes.
* Teach them Bible and help to introduce God to their lives.